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Episode 8 - Datrium

Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS) seems like the perfect solution to an organization's DR challenges. However, when you peel the onion back, most DRaaS solutions don’t come close to meeting the organization's recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Datrium’s CTO and Founder Sazzala Reddy joins us in this episode of Storage Intensity to discuss how a data services platform prepares an organization to meet not only the challenge of production storage but also improve their ability to protect and recover from a disaster. We discuss how Datrium’s strategy of focusing on the data services foundation enables them to provide both disaggregated HCI and DRaaS when many companies can’t execute either. Their DRaaS solution leverages VMware on AWS (VMC), and Datrium's foundation enables simple, cost-effective disaster recovery.

Storage Switzerland has written extensively about Datrium’s solutions

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