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Episode 3 - HYCU

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

In this week's Storage Intensity, we sit down with Simon Taylor, CEO of HYCU Software, to discuss purpose-built backup. Organizations have been trying, with minimal success, to consolidate backup so that it has a single backup product to rule them all. The problem is that the consolidation effort never lasts for long because there is always an odd-ball platform or data source to protect, which is not covered by the current solution.

HYCU Software takes a different approach by creating a purpose-built backup solution, first for Nutanix, then for VMware and now for Google Cloud. Purpose-built backup is about more than look and feel. It's about taking advantage of all the capabilities that the protected environment provides to make data protection more accessible and more reliable.

Join us on our Podcast as we dive deep into the purpose-built concept and why IT professionals may find it superior to the legacy consolidated data protection techniques.

You can learn more about HYCU by visiting here.


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