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Episode 18 - Virtana

IT is under immense pressure to make sure that the organization's workloads are performing at their best and that there are no interruptions to the services they provide. Workloads, though, count on numerous data center resources to achieve this goal. Because of budget realities, IT also needs to make sure the workloads are using these resources efficiently. To deliver the highest possible, interruption-free services, while also ensuring efficient resource utilization requires the end-to-end capture and analysis of the telemetry information that data center resources output. AIOps enables proper interpretation of this telemetry data so that IT can not only be aware of service disruptions but also proactively prevent them.

Tim Van Ash, SVP of Products at Virtana, joins George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland in this episode of Storage Intensity. Listen in as they discuss why Virtual Instruments became Virtana, what AIOps is and why it should be a top initiative for your organization in 2020.…na-announcement/


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