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Episode 16 - NGD Systems

Most applications respond to users' requests to sift through a mountain of data to find a smaller subset of that data, which the application processes to give the users an answer to their request. The result is a lot of data is transferred from the storage media to the storage system and then from the storage system to the application, most of which is irrelevant to the user’s request. What if the storage media was able to decide precisely the data that the application needs to answer the user’s request and only send that subset of data? Processing data on the storage media can solve many storage infrastructure challenges.

In this episode of Storage Intensity, we sit down with Scott Shadley of NGD Systems to discuss what computational storage is, what the benefits of it are and what use cases are the best fit for the technology.

For more information on computational storage, check out our webinar with a panel of computational experts: including NGD System’s Scott Shadley, ScaleFlux’s Thad Omura, and Samsung’s Pankaj Mehra.

To learn more about computational storage, check our’s reports on the subject.


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